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Mayor Issues Executive Order to Increase Energy Efficiency at City Facilities.

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February 3, 2015
SALT  LAKE CITY –Today Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker issued an Executive Order designed to maximize superior energy management at all Salt Lake City facilities. 
“We must lead by example,” said Mayor Becker. “By taking steps to actively monitor our energy use and improve the efficiency of city facilities, we will cut energy waste, improve air quality, protect our natural resources and ultimately save taxpayer dollars.”
The order, which establishes Salt Lake City among leading cities nationwide, creates a multi-department Energy Management Steering Committee and requires City facilities to develop annual Energy Management Plans and track results. 
“Through this Executive Order, Mayor Becker again demonstrates his commitment to air quality and smart energy use,” said Sarah Wright, Executive Director of Utah Clean Energy. “Improving the efficiency of Salt Lake City municipal facilities is a fantastic way to showcase how local governments can save taxpayer dollars while simultaneously reducing pollution.”
Energy Management Plans will report on facilities’ progress utilizing best practices in energy management, including energy benchmarking, identification of energy-saving opportunities, requiring building energy efficiency training for facilities managers and operators, empowering employees to play an active role in cutting energy waste and improved transparency of facility energy performance.
The new Executive Order is a cornerstone of Project Skyline, an initiative designed to dramatically cut energy waste in Salt Lake City’s commercial buildings by accelerating investment in energy efficiency and raising public awareness of building performance. In 2014, Project Skyline kicked off with the Mayor’s Skyline Challenge, enlisting 20 businesses in a proactive effort to reduce building energy use. Learn more at
A previous Executive Order issued by Mayor Becker in 2013 required all new City facilities achieve net-zero energy status (i.e. producing as much energy as they consume).

Energy Benchmarking 

Benchmarking helps building owners assess energy use and gauge performance relative to other buildings of similar size and function.  The City has been benchmarking its own energy use for many years as part of a broader effort to understand operating costs and mitigate our emissions footprint.  Details on City energy goals, and other key elements of the Sustainable Salt Lake Plan 2015, are available online through the Sustainable City Dashboard.

High Performance Buildings  

Salt Lake City takes a holistic approach to energy efficiency that includes new construction, renovations, and retrofits.  This includes constructing new municipal buildings to a LEED Gold standard.  Additionally, new construction and major renovations over 10,000 square feet are subject to a Net-Zero Energy target. This net zero goal is achieved by calculating total energy consumption and offsetting this through renewable energy generation.  The City also monitors energy performance to identify retrofit savings potential and has implemented a variety of efficiency and conservation measures to enhance the value of existing buildings. 

Cleaner Fleet

The City is committed to taking a leadership role on air quality by cleaning up its own fleet and operations. This has included a broad transition to natural gas and hybrid vehicles in many departments.  Additionally, every department at the City is developing a tailored tailpipe emissions reduction plan to further reduce emissions through equipment, operations, and budgeting decisions.  Similar to how the City’s building stock is managed, fleet fuel and emissions data are closely tracked and reported on a recurring basis.

Workforce Development 

Striving towards ambitious energy and emissions savings targets is a team effort.  The City employs a core group of individuals to identify and deploy cost-effective, energy-saving measures.  In addition to supporting “green collar” jobs through its contracting efforts, the City also cultivates new leaders through its internship program.  Interns support a wide range of government operations, including the City’s core sustainability functions such as saving energy in facilities. 

Sustaining Partnerships

Salt Lake City has joined forces with utility partners in addition to other leading local governments to advance shared energy goals.  Through these partnerships, the City hopes to build energy awareness and benchmarking capabilities throughout the community.  These efforts create measureable positive outcomes for all including lowered operating costs, fewer emissions, and a more resilient community.




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