Planning - Citizen Participation

Current opportunities for notification and participation

The Planning Division values public participation and the Division will work constantly to provide opportunities for all stakeholders to participate in shaping the future of the City and its communities.
We strive to meet the following goals:
  • Seek numerous methods to involve stakeholders in the planning process.
  • Provide accurate and accessible information.
  • Provide educational opportunities for all of those involved in the planning process.
See what we are working on and then let us know your opinion.
Administrative Hearings, Planning Commission, Historic Landmark Commission and Open House
Open City Hall is an on-line forum for civic engagement. Read what others are saying about important Salt Lake City topics, then post your own statement. City officials will read the statements and incorporate them into their decision process
SpeakOutSLC is an informal discussion page where the community can comment on specific projects or discuss issues that are important to them.
The Planning Division holds an Open House on upcoming issues the third Thursday of every month. Our Open Houses begin at 4:30 p.m. in the first floor hallway of the City and County Building unless otherwise noted.
The Citizens Access portal is a direct connection to Salt Lake City's permitting database. Here you can research property information, and view the progress of a petition in real-time. This is also the place for online application submissions.
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