Open Space Planning

The Salt Lake City Open Space Lands Program is working to develop Restoration, Use, and Managment Plans for the open space lands purchased or currently in the Open Space Lands Program.

Open Space Plans

Located in a beautiful natural setting between the Wasatch Mountains and the Great Salt Lake, Salt Lake City has outstanding open space resources and amenities that enhance Utah residents' quality of life. Given the value of Salt Lake City's open space, a comprehensive open space master plan is being developed and updated to:

  • Conserve the natural environment
  • Enhance open space connectivity
  • Connect the various parts of the city to natural environments

Salt Lake City Open Space has a comprehensive Noxious and Invasive Weed Management Plan (link) that was updated in 2016.

Salt Lake City Open Space Lands project applications are accepted from landowners, municipalities, community groups, and land trusts for projects that meet the Board’s criteria and priorities.




Open Space Lands Program - Chapter 2.90
Parks and Recreation - Title 15
Watershed Areas - Chapter 17.04
Lowland Conservancy Overlay District - Chapter 21A.34.050
Riparian Corridor Overlay District - Chapter 21A.34.130

The Economic Benefits of Land Conservation
Conservation Easements
Salt Lake City Community Master Plans
1998 "Creating Tomorrow Together" - Final Report of the Salt Lake City Futures Commission
1993 City Vision and Strategic Plan Final Report
2001 Salt Lake City Parks and Recreation Recovery Action Plan
The Governor's Office of Planning and Budget has produced a Critical Lands Planning Toolkit***(6mb pdf) intended to "aid communities in defining, identifying, inventorying, mapping, and prioritizing their critical lands in an effort to find a balance between conservation and development."

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