Open Space Lands Program Acquisitions

Salt Lake City is accepting applications for property and conservation easement acquisitions projects. The City has created an Open Space Lands Acquisition Strategy for granting and leveraging funds for the acquisition of land, conservation easements, development rights, and other means of preserving open space under the Open Space Lands Program. The Parks, Natural Lands, Urban Forestry and Trails Advisory Board reviews applications for projects submitted to the Program and forwards recommendations to the Salt Lake City Mayor and Council. The Mayor makes all final funding decisions.

Open Space Lands eligible for acquisition are defined by ordinance as a parcel of land in a predominantly open and undeveloped condition that is suitable for 1) natural areas 2) wildlife habitat 3) important wetland or watershed lands 4) greenway or stream corridors 5) small neighborhood parks and community gardens, and 6) trails and paths for non-motorized recreational activities. 

Application Forms, including supporting documentation, are being accepted.

1.     Pre-Application

2.     Final Application

Upon completion of each application, save the file as a PDF and remember to print out a copy for your own records. Then, send a copy of the PDF file to

Acquisition Priorities

Project Review and Criteria

The Salt Lake City Open Space Lands Program identifies parcels of land in a predominantly open and undeveloped condition for acquisition that are suitable for any of the following:

  • Aquifer recharge areas
  • Flood plains
  • Greenways along stream corridors
  • Geologically sensitive areas
  • Great Salt Lake Wetlands, shorelands, and uplands
  • Native Plant communities
  • Natural areas
  • Natural conservation areas
  • Natural open spaces
  • Nature preserves
  • Non-motorized trail corridors in natural areas
  • Non-motorized trailhead without parking
  • River, stream, and riparian corridors
  • Undevelopable foothill areas
  • Water bodies
  • Wetlands
  • Wildlife habitat

Open space lands may be preserved, enhanced, and restored in order to maintain or improve the natural, scenic, ecological, cultural, hydrological, or geological values of the property.

The Open Space Lands Program considers a wide range of values, public benefits, and locations when making recommendations as it strives to develop a diverse portfolio of critical lands for the public and future generations.

Each project must meet each of the following criteria in order to be considered:

  1. The project is in, adjacent to, or influences Salt Lake City.
  2. The landowner is willing to enter into good faith negotiations with the City.
  3. The project has open space conservation values.
  4. Project funds can be used for a fee title purchase or conservation easement.
  5. The appropriate title and ownership appear to be free of obvious problems.

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