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Open Space - Jordan River Restoration


Historically, the Jordan River had substantial meander corridors with marshes, oxbows, sloughs and ponds. Today, it is a highly channelized and developed river in an urban matrix. As land use adjacent to the river changed and became developed, the Jordan River’s water quality, wildlife habitat and bank stability have been degraded.


The Jordan River Bank Stabilization and Restoration Project, a Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County partnership is funded at $577,500 as a green project by Utah State Water Quality Board. 
This project will restore four sites along the Jordan River which have steep banks with high erosion and degraded wildlife habitat.

Project Description

Soil bank stabilization will be accomplished through methods such as stone toe protection, grading back the river bank to a gradual 3:1 slope, application of a geo-textile and restoration planting of native vegetation. 
This project will help eliminate some 950 cubic yards of sedimentation deposited into the Jordan River annually. Over time benefits from this project will be the stabilization of soil, re-establishment of wildlife habitat, increase shade promoting cool river temperature, promotion of eco-system function and water quality improvement.

Project Sites

Site 1:  561 S 1100 W (West Bank) 
Site 2:  1175 S 1085 W (South Bank)

Site 3:  1552 S 1200 W (South-West Bank) Site 4:  2050 S 1240 W (North Bank)

Restoration Photos

Site 2
Post grading and pre-planting
Post Planting  


Salt Lake City and project partners coordinated with the Bend-In-The-River to salvage and re-plant native rose and willows that were removed for grading.

Site 3
Post grading and pre-planting
Post Planting