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The project is in, adjacent to, or influences Salt Lake City.

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The landowner is willing to enter into good faith negotiations with the City.

Open Space - Jordan River Restoration


Historically, the Jordan River had substantial meander corridors with marshes, oxbows, sloughs and ponds. Today, it is a highly channelized and developed river in an urban matrix. As land use adjacent to the river changed and became developed, the Jordan River’s water quality, wildlife habitat and bank stability have been degraded.


The Jordan River Bank Stabilization and Restoration Project, a Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County partnership is funded at $577,500 as a green project by Utah State Water Quality Board. 

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Lewis Kogan

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1965 W 500 S
Salt Lake City, Utah

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P.O. Box 145510
Salt Lake City UT 84114-5510

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7 a.m. to 4 p.m.
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Open Space Lands Program Application

Salt Lake City is accepting applications for property and conservation easement acquisitions projects. The Open Space Advisory Board reviews applications for projects submitted to the Program and forwards recommendations to the Salt Lake City Mayor and Council. The Mayor makes all final funding decisions.

Pre-application forms, including supporting documentation, are being accepted.


Open Space Lands Advisory Board

Parks, Natural Lands, Trails, and Urban Forestry Advisory Board

If you are interested in participating on the Parks, Natural Lands, Trails, and Urban Forestry Advisory Board, SUBMIT AN APPLICATION and supporting documents to the Mayor's office to be considered for future vacancies. Visit the Board's home page here.

What the Board Does

Open Space Planning

The Salt Lake City Open Space Lands Program is working to develop Restoration, Use, and Managment Plans for the open space lands purchased or currently in the Open Space Lands Program.

Open Space Plans

Salt Lake City's Open Space Lands Program

Program Purpose

The purpose of the Open Space Lands Program is  to provide stewardship of Salt Lake City's natural lands in a manner that protects native vegetation, water quality, and aquatic and terrestrial wildlife habitat while providing appropriate access and educational opportunities for the public. It works alongside City goals to preserve natural areas, increase access to parks, and enhance trail and open space connectivity. 

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