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Salt Lake City’s history illustrates a long-standing concern for the quality and safety of the urban environment influenced by street lighting. Salt Lake City was the fifth city in the United States to have electric streetlights. By 1887, streetlights were operating on Main Street, and along First South and Second South Streets. In 1908 Salt Lake City adopted a systematic plan for locating streetlights at each intersection on long blocks and an additional light midblock, when requested.
The purpose of the Salt Lake City street lighting system is to illuminate the City streets for safe vehicle operation and safe pedestrian movement.  Street Lighting is managed by Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities.  The program is funded through user fee.  Revenue generated from these fees pay for the cost of design, operation, maintenance and repair of the public street lighting system.

The City is currently in the process of upgrading the streetlights to energy efficient technology.  Currently the City is implementing LED technology for energy efficiency.  To lean more about LED street lighting technology click "LINK".  
As of January 2016 approximately 32% of the city's streetlights were LED or induction.  The implementation of efficiency is being addressed through three general categories:  

1) efficiency upgrades to isolated lights;

2) previously proposed projects;

3) develop a City-wide light efficiency upgrade plan.  

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For questions or concerns regarding billing please contact Customer Service at (801) 483-6900.
For emergencies, maintenance issues, or other technical problems contact Black and McDonald at 1 (800) 814-4311 24/7.
Any other problem please contact David Pearson Street Lighting Program Manager at (801) 483-6738.  You can also email David at this "LINK"