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Purchasing - Doing Business with Salt Lake City Corporation

The following summary provides information on doing business with the City.  If you are interested in supplying goods or services to the City, the first thing to know is that bids and proposals may be solicited by any of the following City procurement offices:

City Procurement Offices
City Engineering
All City construction and related projects except those described below
Phone: 801-535-7957
Contact: Nancy Sanders
Using the web to publish solicitations at
Public Utilities Engineering
Construction and related projects for Public Utilities facilities
Phone: 801-483-6763
Contact: Deborah Hendricks
Using the web to publish solicitations at the Utah Public Procurement Place (SciQuest)

Airport Engineering
Construction and related projects for the Airport facilities
Phone: 801-575-3462
Website: for current project information
Or, projects may be posted at the Utah Public Procurement Place (SciQuest)

Airport Commercial & Administration
Consulting, Professional Services, and Concessions for the Airport
Phone: 801-575-2978
Contact: Shauna Henderson
Using the web to publish solicitations at the Utah Public Procurement Place (SciQuest)

Redevelopment Agency
Property acquisition, clearance, re-planning, sale, or redevelopment
Phone: 801-535-7240
Contact: Crayola Berger
Or, projects may be posted to the web at the Utah Public Procurement Place (SciQuest)

Purchasing & Contracts Division

  • Products (goods) and services for the City except as noted above
  • Maintenance, repair, & construction limited in scope and dollar amount

Phone: 801-535-7661
Purchasing Division Staff: see staff list
Using the web to publish solicitations at the Utah Public Procurement Place (SciQuest)

As of November 2016 the City is transitioning from BidSync to the Utah Public Procurement Place to publish Bids and RFPs. Suppliers may go to the SciQuest Utah Supplier Portal to register.
Suppliers are encouraged to register at the SciQuest Portal if they want to receive notices regarding City bids and RFPs.

***2016 update: Please be aware that the State of Utah contract that the City is using for bid publications is in the process of changing providers. The changeover to a different provider will filter down through various public agencies including Salt Lake City during the next two months.  As a result it is recommended that you also register on the new solicitation system with SciQuest. The State of Utah has issued a public notice about the change at and includes a link to the new SciQuest registration page.*** 

Procurement Offices
Purchasing & Contracts Division

The Purchasing & Contracts Division (Purchasing Division) is responsible for soliciting request for bids and proposals for products and services and, on occasion, limited construction related projects.  The Purchasing Division announces requests for bids and proposals by 1) sending direct bid and proposal notifications to suppliers through the Utah Public Procurement Portal (SciQuest); 2) posting bid and proposal documents on SciQuest; and 3) advertising proposal request notices in a local newspaper.

Doing business with the Purchasing Division

Interested suppliers should register with the SciQuest Utah Supplier Portal.

By registering as noted above, suppliers are more likely to receive future bid and proposal notifications when they are published by the Purchasing Division.

Registration as a supplier on the SciQuest Utah Supplier Portal does not pre-qualify the supplier or guarantee notification or receipt of a request for bid or request for proposal.  It is the supplier's responsibility to check the bid and proposal notices posted on the SciQuest Utah Public Procurement Place (UPPP) website and in the appropriate local publications.
Suppliers and bidders are also informed of the City's requirement to comply with Utah Code 63G-12-302, Article 3, which requires a contractor to register and participate in the federal Status Verification System to enter into a contract for services with a Utah public agency.

Procurement Procedures

Generally, City agencies may purchase products with a "procurement card" (under $2,500)without contacting the Purchasing Division.  For all other purchases of products and non-construction services, competitive bids and request for proposals resulting in a purchase order or contract are issued, received and opened by a member of the Purchasing Division Staff.

  • Purchase orders or contracts for products or services with an estimated value between $2,500 and $40,000 are issued as a result of competitive solicitation processes which may or may not be published on the SciQuest UPPP site.
  • When products or services are estimated to be $40,000 or more, competitive sealed bids or request for proposals are solicited and published on the SciQuest UPPP website with few exceptions.

Bid & Request for Proposal Openings

  • Bidders or other interested parties are welcome to attend formal bid openings.  At formal bid openings prices will be read aloud to those in attendance.
  • Request for Proposal openings are not open to the offerors or the public.  No proposal information is available until a contract has been awarded.

Award decisions are not generally made at the bid or proposal openings.

Information About Previous Bids and RFPs

Bid and RFP award and tabulation information is available using:

  1. The SciQuest Utah Public Procurement Place site (For Bids/RFPs (phasing in) as of November 16, 2016)
  2. BidSync (For Bids/RFPs posted on 3/16/2011 and after (phasing out) as of November 16, 2016).

Contact Us

The Purchasing Division office is open Monday-Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, with the exception of legal holidays. Appointments are recommended for sales visits, but are not required.  Click here for the Purchasing Division Office information and staff list.

(Purchasing Division)
City Ordinances and Administrative Rules

When conducting business with the City, Suppliers are required to abide by City Ordinances and Administrative Rules, including:

REPRESENTATION REGARDING ETHICAL STANDARDS FOR CITY OFFICERS AND EMPLOYEES AND FORMER CITY OFFICERS AND EMPLOYEES - The bidder, offeror, or contractor represents that it has not: (1) provided an illegal gift or payoff to a City officer or employee or former City officer or employee, or his or her relative or business entity; (2) retained any person to solicit or secure this contract upon an agreement or understanding for a commission, percentage, or brokerage or contingent fee, other than bona fide employees or bona fide commercial selling agencies for the purpose of securing business; (3) knowingly breached any of the ethical standards set forth in the City's conflict of interest ordinance, Chapter 2.44, Salt Lake City Code; or (4) knowingly influenced, and hereby promises that it will not knowingly influence, a City officer or employee or former City officer or employee to breach any of the ethical standards set forth in the City's conflict of interest ordinance, Chapter 2.44, Salt Lake City Code.

City Employees are prohibited from personally accepting gifts, incentives, marketing, promotional items, etc., from Suppliers.  Suppliers shall not offer gifts, incentives, marketing, promotional items, etc., to City Employees.  Such offers from Suppliers are inappropriate and may result in suspension or debarment of the Supplier from the City's procurement processes.

For Americans With Disabilities (ADA) accommodations, contact the appropriate office listed above by email or use our TDD phone at (801) 535-6021.  Please allow 48 hours notice.

City Ordinances and Administrative Rules