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Housing Trust Fund Advisory Board

The Housing Trust Fund Advisory Board strives to address the health, safety and welfare of the City's citizens by providing assistance for affordable and special needs housing within the City. The Board meets as often as necessary to ensure that the Salt Lake City Housing Trust Fund monies are allocated and disbursed to projects that meet the necessary affordable and low income housing requirements.

Agendas and Minutes


Powers and Duties

  1. Make recommendations to the Salt Lake City Administration on ordinances and regulations it deems in the public's best interest for the purpose of carrying out the City's affordable housing objectives. 
  2. Consult with experts in areas such as finance, real estate, and affordable housing development to obtain advice on specific projects
  3. Advise and recommend suggestions to the City Administration and City Council on affordable housing and special needs housing issues.
  4. May recommend fund monies or assets be provided to activities that meet the Housing Trust Fund requirements. 
  5. Review each request for monies from the Housing Trust Fund and make recommendations to the Administration and the City Council.


Member Qualifications

Eleven members, appointed by the Mayor, serve three-year terms of the Housing Trust Fund Advisory Board. The board aims to have representation from every Council District. Members should have experience and/or an interest in affordable and/or special needs housing. The board also seeks a diversity of experience, including everyone from first home buyers to strong backgrounds in affordable housing. Four citizens with expertise in business, real estate, or housing development are preferred/desired/favored in the application process. 

Current Members


Serving Since

Council District

Marilyn Pearson 2012 1
Terry Lake 2017 2
Robert Rendon 2014 3
Ryan Parker 2017 4
Sean Umipig 2017 5
Edward Makowski 2017 6
David Smoot 2016 7
Todd Erksine 2017 At Large
Irena Edwards 2015 At Large
Ali Oliver 2015 At Large
Amy Rowland 2014 At Large


Staff and Officers

Irena Edwards, Chair
Ali Oliver, Vice Chair
Lily Gray, Deputy Director of Housing & Neighborhood Development

Meeting Information

Period — As needed 
Location — City and County Building, Room 118
451 S State, Salt Lake City 
More info (801) 535-7115

Bylaws and Governing Documents

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Contact Information

Housing Trust Fund Advisory Board
Attn: Lily Gray
451 S State, Rm. 406
P.O. Box 145488
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-5488 
(801) 535-6264
Staff support
Kalli Ruiz
Administrative Assistant
(801) 535-7777