Transportation - 1700 South Complete Streets Striping Design

1700 South – State Street to 500 East

The 1700 South reconstruction project includes improvements for all modes of transportation. As part of this project, bus stops and crosswalks will be improved to provide for those who walk or take the bus. Turn lanes will also be added, which improve operations and safety for motorists.  Another component of this project is improving 1700 South as a bikeway.

Recently the Transportation Division of Salt Lake City asked residents and businesses along 1700 South for input on a proposed striping design that would add bike lanes and remove on-street parking.

Based on resident and business input and technical analysis of widths, traffic volume, parking use, off-street parking availability, and crash history, the following design will be included when the street is restriped toward the end of the reconstruction project:

  • no change to parking on the north side of the street
  • removal of on-street parking on the south side of the street
  • a new bike lane eastbound, and
  • a shared lane for bikes and cars westbound.

1700 South Striping desing

This design balances the need for on-street parking in some areas, while also adding an important east / west bicycling facility.

More about this Decision

This document provides further information on the analysis and design, including a summary of public input.

Why a New Design

Salt Lake City prioritizes use of our public streets for travel by all modes, with on-street parking provided when space allows. The City’s Complete Streets policy is one of the City’s initiatives to improve safety, enhance quality of life, provide sustainable and healthy transportation choices, and improve air quality in our region. An ordinance requires consideration of bicycle and pedestrian travel whenever streets are repaved.

Questions or comments about this change? Contact the Transportation Division at 801-535-6630 or via email at