Transportation - 1300 South Complete Streets Striping Design - State St to 700 East

1300 South Complete Streets Striping Design – State Street to 700 East

Salt Lake City’s Complete Streets Ordinance directs the city’s Transportation Division to design roadways that improve safety for all roadway users:

“All city owned transportation facilities in the public right of way on which bicyclists and pedestrians are permitted by law…, shall be designed, constructed, operated, and maintained so that users, including people with disabilities, can travel safely and independently.”

One of the implementation measures in the 2005 Central City Community Master Plan is to continue developing the bike route on 1300 South (see page 21), to improve pedestrian movement along arterial and collector streets (see page 17) and to design and support safe pedestrian crossings. The 2004 SLC Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan identifies 1300 South as a proposed bicycle route (see Figure 7-5).

As directed by the above ordinance and master plans and in conjunction with roadwork currently underway on 1300 South, a new striping design was developed for the roadway between State St and 700 East.  The new design converts the roadway from four travel lanes (two in each direction) to three lanes (one in each direction with a continuous center turn lane).  The seldom used on-street parking between State St and 500 East will be removed.  Since the roadway is wider between 500 and 700 East, the parking on these two blocks will remain.  This new design will better accommodate all roadway users in a safer manner (on average, 29% fewer overall accidents) and can handle the traffic volumes without diverting vehicles to adjacent streets.

Before and After

The “AFTER” image above depicts how the new design will appear after it’s installed.
Please let us know if you have questions about the new striping design by calling 801-535-7130.
Project Update:  The new striping on this roadway was completed on August 7th, 2013.