SLCgreen - Fruit Share

Each year as they come into season, apricots, apples, peaches and plums often go uneaten, falling in the streets and yards of Salt Lake City.
As part of an initiative to reduce food waste, the City has partnered with TreeUtah, Avenues Fruitshare, Green Urban Lunchbox and Salt Lake Community Action Program to create an online database where residents can register their fruit trees.
The inventory of fruit trees will help these organizations create a harvesting program staffed with volunteer groups to harvest fruit and nuts from registered trees and provide occasional pruning. All information gathered will remain confidential.
Voluntarily registering fruit trees indicates residents’ desire to share plentiful harvests. Registration does not guarantee that fruit will be harvested, but will help the partner organizations gauge the need for harvest events and effectively allocate available resources to advance the program. Certain trees may not be eligible due to height, hazards or location.
Fruit harvested at events will be split between homeowners, volunteers and local food assistance programs that connect community members who lack access to healthy foods with locally harvested produce.