SLCgreen - Fruit Share

Think about it. Every year in Salt Lake City, tens of thousands of pounds of fruit fall to the ground and rot, creating a public health hazard and a waste management problem.  
Through the SLC FruitShare program, you can register your fruit trees and Salt Lake City and nonprofit partners will harvest the surplus fruit. Harvested fruit is then split three ways between homeowners, volunteers and local food assistance programs that connect community members who lack access to healthy foods with locally harvested produce. 
Get Involved:
* Please note that a registered fruit tree indicates your desire to share plentiful harvests. Registration does not guarantee that fruit will be harvested, but will help SLC FruitShare gauge the need for harvest events and effectively allocate available resources to advance the program. Certain trees may not be eligible due to height, hazards or location. All information gathered will remain confidential.
To date we have harvested almost 50,000 pounds of fruit from neighborhood trees!