Public Utilities Billing


Billing Information

City meters are read and billed monthly. Bills include charges for water service, garbage pickup, sewer service, a storm water charge, and a franchise fee of 6% of the water and sewer charges.

Customers living outside city boundaries are billed for water service only.

Bills are due 15 days after the mailing date. 

If service is terminated because of a past due bill or rules violations, before service is restored, a reconnection fee will assessed and collected in addition to the delinquent amount.

Utility Rate Schedule - From link goto "Rate Changes"

Water Rate Schedule

Sewer Rate Schedule

Storm Rate Schedule

Street Lighting Rate Schedule

Garbage and Recycle Rate Schedule

Storm Water Utility

The goal of the storm water utility is to provide for the collection and management of storm water runoff. This minimizes property damage and protects and improves the surface water quality. Salt Lake City operates and maintains 226 miles of storm water lines and open ditches.

Part of the storm water program involves cleaning up the environment. Customers can help by making sure lawn fertilizer and pesticides are properly applied by avoiding run off into the curb and street. Motor oil should be delivered to one of Salt Lake’s recyclers instead of dumping it down drains or placing it in a garbage container.

Residential service charges are as follows:

Single-family residential and duplex parcels, less than or equal to .25 acres - $4.24 per month

Single-family or duplex parcels greater than .25 acres - $5.94 per month

All triplex and fourplex residential parcels are charged $8.48 per month.

These fees are based upon a lot’s "impervious surface," which means the hard surface area of a parcel which either prevents or retards the the entry of water into the soil and/or causes water to run off the surface in greater quantities or at an increased rate of flow from that which would be present under natural conditions. Impervious surfaces may include, but are not limited to: rooftops; concrete or asphalt paving; walkways; patios; driveways; parking lots or storage areas; trafficked gravel; or other surfaces which similarly impede the natural infiltration into the ground or runoff of storm and surface water.

Franchise Fee

Most cities charge franchise fees to utilities operating within their jurisdiction. Salt Lake City charges a 6% franchise fee on water,  sewer and storm water charges billed to city residents. This fee reimburses the city for use of its streets for pipe lines which supply customers with water,  sewer storm water service. The money from this fee goes into the city’s general fund to provide funding for parks and streets as well as fire and police protection.  

Garbage Collection

Salt Lake City furnishes each residential housing unit a wheeled garbage container. The container should be placed curbside on collection by 7:00 a.m.

A garbage fee (currently $12.50 per container) is included on the water utility bill. For more information regarding pickup times, additional garbage container, recycling, etc.,
click here.

Abatements (Utility Bill Reductions)

Customers who qualify for the Salt Lake County tax abatement program are eligible for a reduction in their water, garbage and storm water charges. Call Salt Lake County at 801 468-3404 for abatement information. For more information
Click Here

Water Assist

The department, in partnership with the Salt Lake Chapter of the Salvation Army (who administers the program), offers Salt Lake City customers financial assistance with their utility bills. To contribute to this program, customers mark a box on their bill and include the amount with their monthly payment. For assistance, a customer must qualify at 150% of poverty level and/or have a family member who meets one or more of the following criteria:

Be 60 years or older

Be disabled

Have a verifiable medical emergency

Qualify for the County Tax Abatement program

For additional information, or to apply for this program, call: Salt Lake City Chapter, of the Salvation Army at 801-969-0526  or Salt Lake City Public Utilities at 801 483-6900.

For more information on the local chapter of the Salvation Army Click Here