Salt Lake City Public Utilities Riparian Corridor Stream Study

 “Our goal is that this study will use a collaborative approach to information exchange, joint information gathering, consultation, and consensus in a way that will promote legitimacy and transparency, encourage creative problem‐solving, and support a timely implementation.” – Mayor Ralph Becker

Purpose of Riparian Corridor Stream Study:

To assess current conditions, determine desired future conditions, and identify opportunities for restoration and remediation of the inner-city portions of City, Red Butte, Emigration and Parleys Creeks.
To use the information, data, and maps developed during the study to inform planning, permitting, and administrative processes of the Riparian Corridor Overlay District Ordinance (RCO).


Project Prioritization Workshops Update 4/2/2012
Workshop 2 Presentation
Workshop 2 Comment Form
Workshop 2 Handout

Interactive map of the Riparian Corridor. Click "LINK"

Prioritization Workshop Presentation 1

Creek Crossing Sign Samples

Survey Form

Plants to use in a Riparian Corridor

History of Project

Contact Information

Study Area Map

RCO Ordinance and Information

The Consultant: Bio-West, Inc.

Draft List of Improvement Projects