Salt Lake City

City Accessibility - Sidewalks & Pedestrian Access

Sidewalk Obstructions

City Code 14.20.010 prohibits the obstructing of sidewalks with anything "which shall obstruct such public street or sidewalk or any part thereof, or the free use and enjoyment thereof, or the free passage over and upon the same, or any part thereof."  Keep items such as vehicles, plants, bicycles and hoses off of sidewalks.  Clear overhanging tree branches to a height of seven (7) feet.  Sidewalk obstructions are enforced by the Engineering Division.

Sidewalk Repair

The Engineering Division provides information on sidewalk replacement programs.  Visit Engineering's Public Way Concrete Replacement page for more information.  These requests will be reviewed by severity of damage and funding options for replacement.  The City also provides a horizontal sawcutting service for raised sections of sidewalk.  Sidewalk repair requests by people with disabilities may be submitted to the City's ADA Coordinator.

Curb Ramps

Salt Lake City has almost 15,000 curbs in pedestrian paths.  Approximately 2/3's of those curbs have been converted to curb ramps and each year hundreds of new ramps are installed by the Engineering Division.  Curb ramp requests by people with disabilities will be added to Engineering's high priority construction list and installation will occur as soon as funding allows.  Visit Engineering's Accessibility Ramps page for more information.  Please submit requests for curb ramps to the City's ADA Coordinator.

Access During Construction

Pedestrian routes are occassionally impacted by construction.  Entities wishing to work in the public way must apply for a Traffic Control Permit through the Transporation Division.  This permit sets requirements for diversions, detours, and signage.  The "Access During Construction Guide" (pdf) contains additional information.

Snow Removal

Snow can create a barrier to pedestrians with disabilities.  The Snow Removal Advisory (pdf) provides information about adjacent property owners' responsibility for snow removal.  This flyer may be copied and distributed to help educate residents and businesses about their responsibility.