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Neighborhood projects (CIP), Impact Fees and honoring heroes all part of the agenda for the Sept. 20 meetings of the SLC Council

Fast Facts
A summary of the next Council agenda

What: City Council Work Session & Formal Meeting
When: Tuesday – Sept. 20, 2016

2:00 p.m. Work Session Room 326 (A discussion among Council Members and select presenters. The public is welcome to listen.)

7:00 p.m. Formal Meeting Room 315 (A public comment session is scheduled this night.)

City & County Building
451 South State Street, 3rd floor
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
Contact: City Council Office

Here’s a summary of what is on tap for the Work Session and Formal Meeting. The news media and members of the public are welcome to attend and observe.

Work Session- Items of Interest (Starts at 2 p.m.)

Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) ~2:00 PM

a discussion about the City's Capital Improvement Projects, which involve the construction, purchase or renovation of buildings, parks, streets or other physical structures. Generally, projects have a useful life of five or more years and cost $50,000 or more.

Alley Closure - 700 West at approximately 723 W Pacific Avenue ~4:00 PM

an ordinance that would close and vacate a City-owned alley adjacent to properties at 723 West Pacific Avenue, 745 West Pacific Avenue and 470 South 700 West Street. The property no longer functions as a residential alleyway, serving instead as additional parking for adjacent commercial businesses.

Impact Fees Facilities Plan Draft ~4:35 PM

a draft plan that identifies new impact fee pricing, identifies the level and services (fire, police, parks, lands, etc.) that residents can expect, and more. Interested groups, including people in the development community, will have a chance to review the plan and provide input before a final plan is forwarded to the Council.

FORMAL MEETING (Items of Interest) Starts at 7 p.m.

The Council and Salt Lake City Fire Department will recognize the Department’s new cadets, who will be officially sworn-in on September 21. Also receiving recognition will be community members whose selfless actions made a difference in the lives of others.


1. Lincoln Elementary School Rezone and Map Amendment
an ordinance amending the zoning of properties located at 1069 South 200 East, 1063, 1064, 1070 and 1071 South Roberta Street and 1070 and 1110 South 300 East Street from R-1/5,000 Single-Family Residential District to PL Public Lands District and amending the Central Community Master Plan Future Land Use Map. This proposal is related to the expansion of Lincoln Elementary School. The Salt Lake City School District is constructing a new school on the east side of the property. Once the new building is constructed, the original will be demolished and the land developed as open space.
2. Lincoln Elementary School Alley Vacation
an ordinance closing and vacating a portion of an unnamed, city owned alley situated between Roberta Street and 300 East Street. This proposal is related to the expansion of Lincoln Elementary School.
3. 1117 East South Temple Rezone and Master Plan Amendment
an ordinance that would amend the zoning of property located at 1117 East South Temple Street from RMF-35 Moderate Density Multi-Family Residential District to R-MU-35 Residential/Mixed Use District and amend the Avenues Community Master Plan Future Land Use Map. The proposal would allow the property owner to build a 14-unit apartment building with underground parking.

1. Attached Garage Regulations for Residential Districts
2. Rezone - 854 West Hoyt Place
3. Text Amendment: Allow Community Recreation Centers in RMF-35 (Residential Multi-Family, Low Density)
4. Street Closure: 800 West and 800 North
5. Budget Amendment No. 1 FY 2016-17 Tentative

Background materials for items to be discussed on Tuesdays are posted on the City Council’s website at See the full agenda here: Parking note: The Council offers parking validations to Council meeting attendees who park at the Main Library just east of the City & County Building. See Council staff for the validation ticket.

Upcoming Council Meeting Dates
• Tuesday, Oct. 4 Council Work Session

View the full 2016 meeting schedule.