Salt Lake City

Mayor Becker Responds to EPA's Proposed Changes to Ozone Rules



November 26, 2014
Contact: Art Raymond

Mayor Becker Responds to EPA's Proposed Changes to Ozone Rules






SALT LAKE CITY – Statement from Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker following the EPA’s release of proposed new rules aimed at reducing ozone emission levels. 


"I strongly support the proposed ozone standard revisions released by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today. In Salt Lake City, strengthening the standard will also help contribute to protecting the health of our residents.


In Utah, ozone is formed on sunny, hot summer days from pollutants released by vehicles, buildings and industry. Ozone can inflame and damage the lining of lungs, even in healthy adults. Even more susceptible are the very young, elderly and those with respiratory diseases. We have a high level of asthma along the Wasatch Front, and reducing ozone pollution would reduce the risk of asthma sufferers from having asthma attacks.  


As Mayor of Salt Lake City, I call on all residents to take a moment and submit public comment in support of the proposed standard. This proposed standard covers a range of ozone concentrations; reducing the allowable 8-hour ozone concentrations from 75 parts per billion (ppb) to 65-70 ppb, with comments at a level as low a 60 ppb being accepted."


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