Salt Lake City Landlord/Tenant Program - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


When can I apply for participation?
At renewal. At each renewal starting September 1, 2011, we will be sending a Landlord/Tenant packet with all renewal notices. This packet will have all the information needed to apply for the program. 
What are the participation/non-participation fees?
The base fee for all business licenses is $147.00. This fee is only charged once regardless of how many rental properties you own. In addition, there is  a per unit fee of $342.00 per unit. However, with participation in the Landlord/Tenant Program, this fee is discounted to $20.00 per unit.
How soon is the landlord training required?

You are required to have the training completed no later than 6 months after application into the program. You are also required to take a four hour refresher course every three years. 
If I have the received Good Landlord training from my participation in another city, do I still have to take the Salt Lake City course? 

No, if you have taken an approved Good Landlord training course from another city, Salt Lake City will accept that training. Simply provide a copy of your valid and current training certificate with your participation application. 
Does the Landlord/Tenant program apply to non-profits?

Yes. Non-profits are not required to pay the licensing base fee, but they are required to pay the per unit fee for participation or non-participation. 
Are background checks mandatory?

No. Salt Lake City’s ordinance states that criminal and credit background checks are encouraged but not required.
Where do I sign up for the training?
Training is currently available through the following locations:
Utah Apartment Association or call (801) 487-5619
The Good Landlord
Online training / Live class calendar or call (801) 554-0475
What about owner occupied rental properties? 
New ordinance permits rental properties that have four units or less and are owner occupied to be exempt from per unit fees and landlord/tenant participation. Ownership and residency must be verifiable. If this applies to you please contact the business licensing office at (801) 535-7980 for details.
Are family tenancies exempt?

If the units are not available for rental income, the person owning the rental dwelling may fill out an affidavit stating as such. An affidavit form can be obtained in Business Licensing.
EXAMPLE: An owner lives in one unit of a three unit property. The other two units are lived in by other direct family members or are otherwise unavailable for rent and the owner does not collected rent on any the units. In this case, the owner would need to show proof of ownership and sign an affidavit indicating that the units are not available for rent and that he or she does not collect rent on the units. 
Will there be some grace period before hard enforcement takes place?
Landlords who have one or two units will have a grace period until March 1, 2012, to get into code compliance, but must be licensed as soon as possible. 
Will good histories and practices be honored or recognized?
With good history and practices the landlord will be able to participate in the Landlord/Tenant Program on an ongoing basis and be entitled to the discount in the per unit fees. The City is also looking into other ways to recognize and reward good Landlord histories and practices.