Housing Programs

The City’s goal is to make houses in Salt Lake City as safe and energy efficient as possible. The quality of our housing reflects the quality of our neighborhoods. To keep our neighborhoods safe, vibrant and beautiful, we need to preserve our housing stock, make home ownership affordable, and eliminate vacant and substandard housing. For more information on any of the programs listed below call us today at (801) 535-7228. Se habla Español.

Check out a brief overview of what we do in our Housing Brochure.

Home Repair Program

Home Repair Program 

Salt Lake City Corporation offers loans for home repair to homeowners and investors within Salt Lake City limits. Interest rates can be as low as zero percent and payments deferred (in qualified cases).  This program was developed to preserve and rehabilitate existing housing in our City and your neighborhood. This program can be used to address any housing code deficiencies and can also be used to create accessible housing, working with the homeowner's mobility needs in mind.


  • A qualified inspector will inspect your property at no cost to you.  They will provide a list of repairs necessary to bring your home up to minimum housing code standards.
  • If your home was built before 1978, we will identify and address lead-based paint hazards in your home as part of the work project. We will also determine if you qualify for a lead-based paint control grant from the County Lead Safe Coalition.
  • We will test your home for excessive levels of Radon Gas. Excessive Radon Gas exposure has been linked to cancer. If the test results indicate levels higher than the federal government's action level, a mitigation system may be added to your project.
  • At no cost to you, our skilled staff will provide cost estimates of the required repair work. With your consent, our staff will invite contractors to submit competitive bids for the work. You only pay the amount of the contract with your chosen contractor.
  • Upon your acceptance of a bid, we will order a title search on the property being considered for a loan.

There is no obligation to have the work done and you will pay nothing for our services unless you choose to accept a loan and participate in the program. If you choose to secure your own financing, we can offer free technical assistance in the design and management of your project. For questions call 535-7228 or email, housing@slcgov.com. Se habla Español.

Home repair application form (PDF)

Make sure to save the application, fill it out, and email it to HANDtech@slcgov.com.

The Home Repair Program provides services to help preserve and rehabilitate housing in Salt Lake City.
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General Information
Housing Trust Fund

The Salt Lake City Housing Trust Funds was created by the Mayor and City Council in 2000 to address the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Salt Lake City by providing assistance for affordable and special needs housing within the City. Housing sponsors may apply to the City for a loan from the Housing Trust Fund in order to provide affordable and/or special needs housing. For more information contact Melissa Jensen at (801) 535-6035.

Housing Trust Fund Application

Salt Lake City provides assistance for affordable and special needs housing within the City.
Salt Lake City Handyman Program
Salt Lake City is now offering assistance with small household repairs to seniors and persons with disabilities.  To qualify, the occupants must qualify as a senior (62 years of age and older) or must have a disability recognized under federal guidelines and the household income must be below 80% of median income.  The applicant must own the property to be repaired. 
The City will document income by asking for copies of one month of paystubs (if working) or your social security or pension award letter.  If you draw funds from a retirement account, we’ll need a copy of your latest tax return to document the amount withdrawn each year.  Income for all members of the household must be included in the calculation.  
We will do the following types of repairs:
1. Start-up/shut-down swamp cooler
2. Install motion activated outdoor lights.
3. Install dead bolts
4. Install window locks
5. Install smoke or CO detectors
6. Correct toilet leaks
7. Replace broken or damaged toilet or sink with similar (no upgrades allowed)
8. Install or repair faucets, including replacement cartridges
9. Un-clog or repair drains
10. Install grab bars
11. Install threshold
12. Install new door knobs
13. Re-Caulk bathtubs
14. Re-Caulk or weather strip windows
15. Weather strip doors
16. Re-glaze windows
17. Clean rain gutters
18. Repair rain gutters
19. Minimal electrical such as outlet/switch or fixture replacement.  Must be like for like.
20. Check fuse or breaker
21. Tree and brush trimming – only if they encroach on the roof or walls and are causing damage to the structure.   
22. Other repairs will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 
The cost of the repair will be free to qualifying homeowners.  The maximum expenditure per household is $500.00 per year. 
Click here to download application! Please email applications to housing@slcgov.com.
Handyman Program