Housing & Neighborhood Development (HAND)

The Housing and Neighborhood Development division administers a wide variety of housing and community development programs that contribute to the quality of life, affordability and sustainability of Salt Lake City's diverse neighborhoods, and support State goals to eliminate chronic homelessness. The Division partners with a variety of non-profit, governmental and lending agencies using City, private and federal funds for these purposes. The Division also oversees fair housing laws and monitors grants received by the City.
Learn more about HAND and it's mission, vision and goals in the HAND BROCHURE
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HAND Housing Survey

Salt Lake City is prioritizing housing and neighborhood development needs
and wants to hear from you!
What does Salt Lake City need when it comes to housing and neighborhood development?
More affordable housing? More parks and trails? Improved street infrastructure?
Your input will help direct housing and neighborhood development priorities!
Salt Lake City está priorizando necesidades de desarrollo de la vivienda y el barrio y quiere saber de usted!
¿Qué necesita Salt Lake City cuando se trata de desarrollo de la vivienda y el vecindario? Viviendas más asequibles? Más parques y senderos? Mejora de la infraestructura de la calle?
Su contribución nos ayudará a determinar prioridades de vivienda y desarrollo vecindario
Housing Programs
Housing programs include a housing rehabilitation program for single-family homes, a first time homebuyer program, a housing trust fund that assists in the development of affordable and special-needs multi-unit housing, grant funds that assist non-profit housing providers with the rehabilitation of existing housing units, and grant funds to agencies that support individuals and families as they transition from homelessness to permanent housing.
Community Development Programs

Community development programs include the capital improvement program (CIP) that sets aside City funds for the development of buildings, street and park improvements citywide, grant funds that support the development and improvement of streets and park facilities in low income neighborhoods. It also includes grant funds that add amenities like decorative street lighting to neighborhoods, and federal grant funds that support non-profit agencies to provide important services like health care, after-school programs, and food pantries to low income residents.

Youth Athletic Grant

SALT LAKE CITY has allocated $50,000 in scholarship grants for local non-profit competitive youth athletic organizations to make competitive sports programs more financially feasible for low income Salt Lake City youth up to 18 years of age.
Community Improvement & Outreach Grant
SALT LAKE CITY has allocated $187,000 in grant funds for community non-profits, neighborhood groups, and neighborhood business districts as part of the Community Improvement & Outreach Program.
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