Forestry - About Us


The Forestry program contributes to the economic, aesthetic, social and environmental well being of the city and its customers by providing public trees safe, cost effective, and professional care.

Primary Objectives

  • To foster safety of people and property by identifying and abating tree hazards
  • To facilitate a healthy and sustainable environment by protecting, maintaining and planting trees
  • To enhance property value, business success, and city revenue by improving tree species selection, tree planting locations, and tree service practices
  • To reduce heating and cooling requirements and modify urban noise by strategic placement of new tree plantings.
  • To protect watersheds, soil stability, air quality and habitat for urban wildlife through diversification of tree species and ages
  • To assist law enforcement, transportation, utility providers and others whose work can be influenced by tree planting and maintenance practices
  • To expand awareness of the value and needs of trees by sharing arboricultural information, education and training
  • To improve service processes and performance through collaboration with customers, affiliates, and team members

Services Available

There are essentially five tree services provided by the city's Forestry Program:
  • Pruning
  • Removal
  • Planting
  • Spraying
  • Emergency assistance
For service, call 972-7818 or go to our Online Request for Service page.
To request a permit to prune, remove, plant, or spray trees on Salt Lake City property call 972-7818 or go to our Online Request Page. In the REQUEST FIELD enter the type of work to which the permit applies.
Emergency work takes precedence over all service requests and is performed as circumstances warrant. Most emergency services are related to tree breakage associated with storm events. The city can provide service to trees located on property owned or managed by Salt Lake City. The Forestry Program is not authorized to deliver care to private property trees.