Visioning Report

Northwest Quadrant Visioning Report - (Phase I) Final

The final draft of the Salt Lake City Northwest Quadrant Visioning Report incorporates stakeholder comments received through the public comment period. 

Phase I Highlights

  • To engage key stakeholders in the visioning process, the RDA hosted an array of roundtable meetings that involved experts in economic development, infrastructure, industrial property development, property owners, and sustainability.
  • Over 100 stakeholders were engaged, opportunities and constraints were identified, and benchmarks for success were identified.
  • A market assessment was conducted to analyze market indicatoprs, inventory, and absorption rates.
  • Diagrams of potential development scenarios were created.

The resulting report establishes a collective vision and implementatoin framework that will be utlized as the foundation for Phase II, the Salt Lake City Northwest Quadrant Strategic Implementation Plan.


See the full report here.