NWQuad: Sustainability

The thoughtful planning and development of the Northwest Quadrant correlates with the City’s aggressive goals to reduce carbon emissions, air pollution and provide an environmentally-sustainable future for all. Aligning with the recent Mayor-Council joint resolution passed to reduce 80% of carbon emissions by 2040, the development of the NW Quad is the first opportunity to integrate and achieve these goals to plan, design and build one of the most sustainable economic hubs in the nation.
The following are a few of the variety of opportunities the City plans to support a smart and sustainable Northwest Quadrant:
• City-funded developments, which include high building code standards, stringent facility commissioning, plentiful EV charging infrastructure and water efficient landscaping options.
• Investigate heating opportunities, such as district-scale heating, heat recovery from sewer lines or large-scale central heating and cooling infrastructure, to curtail traditional carbon-based energy sources.
• Implement a strong bikeways foundation, including a bike-sharing network, robust bike storage infrastructure and convenient bike and pedestrian connectivity to transit.
• Designate key areas of the NW Quad for car sharing programs and to further incentivize more Electric Vehicle Charging stations to expand our EV-ready network.
• Include the NW Quad in the City’s Recycling Market Zone, to incentivize businesses that use or process recycled products to come to the area.
• Place focus on climate resiliency advancements including enhanced storm water collection capabilities, reducing water contamination to our wetlands by increased protections, and to minimize the urban heat island effects to help with increasing summertime temperatures in the city. 
Salt Lake City has the ability to capitalize on this “once-in-a-generation” opportunity to design a sustainable and energy-efficient Northwest Quadrant. We will reduce our carbon footprint, attract new businesses, and invest in our communities from the ground up.