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Parking Enforcement is part of the Salt Lake City Public Services Compliance Division. Our primary purpose is to provide safe and accessible parking for downtown Salt Lake City and surrounding neighborhoods within the city limits. The goal of the Parking Enforcement Department is to educate the public concerning parking policies and regulations, promote traffic and pedestrian safety, and ensure the proper and the efficient flow of traffic moving throughout the city. Please contact our office with any questions or concerns about parking issues.

The Parking Enforcement unit is staffed seven days a week.
If you have any questions contact the Parking Enforcement Office at 801.535.6628 or email us at

Parking information

Parking Ordinance Information

We want you to know what parking ordinances may be affecting you!  Many people do not realize what parking ordinances exist until it is too late.  The Salt Lake City Compliance Program wants to familiarize the public with what parking ordinances are enforced in Salt Lake City.  To assist with this process we have developed the Ordinance Impact Map that shows which ordinances can be affecting certain areas of the City.  
The list of ordinances does not mean these are the only ordinances being enforced in a given area, but rather it highlights some of the ordinances that Compliance Enforcement finds when they patrol each district.  We encourage you to use the link to the complete list of parking ordinances and conduct your own review.  The majority of parking ordinances are found in Chapter 12.56 of the Salt Lake City Ordinances but there are also parking related ordinances found in Chapter 12.58 and 12.96.
Park well and enjoy Salt Lake City!

Parking Enforcement Brochure

Click here for the parking enforcement brochure.


Click here to make a complaint regarding an incident with a Parking Enforcement Officer.

On-Street Parking Ordinance:

  • 12.56.520 Using Streets For Storage Prohibited:
    • No person shall park a vehicle, boat, trailer or other item upon any street for a period of time longer than forty eight (48) hours. (Ord. 5-97 § 1, 1997: Ord. 48-86 § 1, 1986: prior code § 28-3-135)  
  • 12.56.525 Using Streets For Storage Of Motor Homes, Boats And Trailers Prohibited:
    • No person shall park a motor home, boat, trailer or other item upon any street for a period of time longer than forty eight (48) hours. Motor homes, boats and trailers which are moved from a parking spot and then reparked on the same street block face within twenty four (24) hours from the time of said removal shall be deemed to have been continuously parked for the purposes of this section. "Block face" means the side of the street where the vehicle was parked between two (2) intersecting streets. (Ord. 5-97 § 1, 1997: Ord. 2-95 § 1, 1995)