Welcome to Salt Lake City Compliance Division

The Compliance Division consists of three units, the Salt Lake City Impound Lot, School Crossing Guards, and Parking Enforcement. These units enhance safety and accessibility for residents of and visitors to Salt Lake City.

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The Salt Lake City Impound Lot stores vehicles impounded by the Salt Lake City Police Department and Parking Enforcement in a secured lot. The impound lot also facilitates bi-weekly vehicle auctions of unclaimed vehicles.


School Crossing Guards provide crossing assistance to elementary school children at crossing zones as required by State Law. Salt Lake City usually has openings for people interested in becoming Crossing Guards throughout the school year.

Parking Enforcement enforces Salt Lake City parking ordinances on public streets throughout the city. There are many areas in Salt Lake City that have posted, or signed, parking restrictions. Before parking and leaving your car take a moment to read and comply with any posted parking signs. Please read and comply with posted signs and the Streets for Storage Ordinance to reduce the chance of your vehicle being impounded.