Welcome to Salt Lake City Compliance Division                                    

The Salt Lake City Compliance Program manages Parking Services, The City School Crossing Guards, and the Impound Lot. Though the largest number of citations involves parking, we are also focused on clean air and idling education, ensuring parking accessibility for visitors to the local businesses, and making sure all mobile food regualtions and City right of ways are protected and enforced. 

Our mission is to provide quality program management, education, maintenance, safety, and alternative mode services through exemplary communication and code enforcement. 

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Parking Enforcement enforces Salt Lake City parking ordinances on public streets throughout the city. We maintain a staff of 12-16 officers who are each assigned an area throughout the City boundaries each day. Our most common violations include expired vehicle registrations, expired meters, and no parking zones. We are also responsible for the maintenance and collections of all pay stations. We can be reached at 801-535-6628 if you need to report a problem in your neighborhood or give us feedback.




School Crossing Guards provide crossing assistance to elementary school children at crossing zones as required by State Law. Currently, we have 86 crossings which ensure 11,600 students travel safely throughout the City. These locations are staffed multiple times a day to ensure a safe and courteous crossing for all the children of our great City. If you see a concern or are interested in filling positions at our crossing locations, please call 801-535-6664 and speak to our Crossing Guard Coordinator, Faith Martinez.


The Salt Lake City Impound Lot stores vehicles impounded by the Salt Lake City Police Department and Parking Enforcement in a secured lot. The impound lot also facilitates bi-weekly vehicle auctions of unclaimed vehicles. We hold vehicles that have been held by the Police Department for a myriad of offenses and for those that refuse to follow City Codes. We provide a secure location that is watched 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all vehicles to be held until the vehicle owners straighten things out. We are here to provide information and release vehicles when arrangements have been made. For more information, please call 801-535-6628 and speak to one of our knowledgeable attendants for more information.