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Construction at The Salt Lake City Cemetery:

We are very excited to announce the installation of a new efficient automated sprinkler system to replace the old system that has been in use on the west half of our great and historic Cemetery for many years.

This project was started in August of 2013 with a tentative completion date of April of 2014. We want to apologize for any hardship or inconvenienc this project might cause and encourage anyone with concerns to contact the Cemetery Office so they can be addressed. Presently the active construction is taking place in the southwest area of the Cemetery. Updates will be made as this project progresses and moves through the west half of the Cemetery.

Thank you for your understanding during this project.


There are 130,000 burial sites in the Salt Lake City cemetery and at present we have buried just over 121,000. The cemetery covers 250 acres in the heart of the city. Read about the cemetery's rich history at enjoyutah.org.

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Mission Statement of the SLC Cemetery

The mission of the Salt Lake City Cemetery is to serve the families who come to us in a time of need. To watch over and care for these families loved ones who have been interred within our great and historical cemetery.  To be a steward for the open space and care for the flora and fauna that lives and grows within our boundaries. We strive to provide service to the family members, friends and strangers who come to find closure, solace and peace within and upon are hallowed grounds. We strive daily to remember” the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is the little extra you do.”  We all try to “pick up the stick” making sure to think first of those who work with us side by side and our selves second.