Business Licensing - Application Forms and Information Sheets

You can download PDF copies of the forms you need to apply for business licenses here.

Application for New Commercial License

Compliance Checklist

Application for New Home Business License Freight Parking Information
Business License Information Change Request

Freight Parking Permit Application

Application for Retail Beer / Liquor Consumption License

Business Parking Permit Application

Addendum to Salt Lake City Corporation's Application for Beer/Liquor Consumption License to be completed by Out of State corporate officers and directors.

Add/Remove Business Officers

Social / Dining Club Registration

Mobile Food Business Packet

Special Event Application Packet Dancer Letter of Introduction
New Business and Fire Checklist Escort Letter of Introduction

Inspection Contacts/Information

Sexually-Oriented Business License Application

Hazmat Packet

Tow Truck Police Rotation Packet
Emergency Contact Form Reciprocal Mobile Food 
Application Background

Background Checks for Auctioneer, Auction House, Beer, Liquor, Social / Dining Club, Card Club, CD Exchange, Computer Exchange, Date/Marriage Service, Fireworks, Ice Cream Operator, Mobile Food Trucks/Trailers, Pawnshops, Sexually Oriented Business Individual background, Solicitors, Special Transportation, Taxicab, and Theatres use Salt Lake City Corporation Application Verification

Landlord/Tenant Program Forms

For information about the Landlord/Tenant program, including all necessary forms, click here.