Salt Lake City

City Budget - Timeline


Developing Salt Lake City’s budget is an important and time consuming process.  Each year, beginning in January and lasting through June, City professionals and elected officials devote considerable time to developing a budget for the following fiscal year which begins July 1.
Budget Preparation (December – January): Personal services are projected and revenue is estimated.  A budget philosophy and strategy is also developed.
Budget Development (February – May): Departments submit budget requests which are reviewed by the Mayor.  The Mayor’s Recommended Budget is transmitted to the City Council in early May.
Council Review and Adoption (May – August):  The City Council reviews the Mayor’s Recommended Budget and makes any final decisions by mid-June.  A Truth-in-Taxation hearing is held and the budget and tax rate are adopted in early August.
Post Adoption:  The budget is perpetually reviewed throughout the fiscal year and periodic amendments are made.