Salt Lake City

City Accessibility - Parking

Parking Lots & Accessible Spaces

The "ADA Business Brief: Restriping Parking Lots" (pdf) (Oct 2001) published by the U.S. Justice Department provides basic information on bringing parking lots into compliance with the ADA and 1990 Standards.  ** Note that some of the standards in this guide have changed with the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design (PDF).  See sections 208 and 502 for the most current standards. **

Did You Know?  Park Free at Metered & Other Spaces

City ordinance 12.56.120 "Parking for Persons With a Disability" allows a person with a disability whose automobile has affixed thereto, a license plate or placard designated for a person with a disability, to park at any parking meter and in the following restricted parking areas without charge: freight loading zones, passenger loading zones and time limited parking zones.  Free parking at these locations is limited to two (2) hours.  To obtain disability license plates or a placard, contact the Utah DMV.

Parking Enforcement

The Accessible Parking Advisory (pdf) provides information regarding illegal parking in accessible spaces in Salt Lake City. This advisory may be copied and distributed to help educate people who have parked illegally without plates or a placard.

Parking Enforcement may enforce on illegal parking in accessible spaces on both public and private property.  The spaces must be property identified with signs.    For more information or to submit a request for enforcement, please contact the Parking Enforcement Division at or (801) 535-6628.