Public Utilities Advisory Committee

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Advisory Committee Members

Month Meeting Date and Agenda - Click on link Staff Reports Attachments
January PUAC Meeting January 25th 2018 7:30 AM Meeting Minutes
February PUAC Meeting February 22th 2018 7:30 AM Meeting Minutes
March PUAC Meeting Marth 22nd 2018 7:30 Meeting Minutes
April PUAC Meeting April 26th 2018 730 AM  
May PUAC Meeting May 24th, 2018 7:30 AM  
June PUAC Meeting June 25th 2015 7:30 AM Meeting Minutes
July PUAC Meeting for July 28th 2016 has been Cancelled  
August No Meeting  
September PUAC Meeting September 28, 2017  Meeting Minutes
October PUAC Meeting October 26th, 2017 Meeting Minutes
November No Meeting  
December PUAC Meeting December 7th 2017 1:00 PM Meeting Minutes


The Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities (Utility) has operated with a public advisory board as early as 1928. The first committee was charged by then Mayor John Bowman with acquiring and securing an adequate water supply to support a population of 400,000 people. Since that time, advisory boards have been convened as issues and needs arose, attesting to the Utilities long history of working directly with the public to protect our water supply, and identify and solve problems.  
Recognizing the value of public involvement and also the stability of a permanent organization, the Public Utilities Advisory Committee (PUAC) was formally created by ordinance in 1979 (Ord. 2.40). Charged with providing a citizen’s view, it has grown to be an integral and necessary component in visualizing and developing the programs, policies, and projects that makes the Utility a successful organization.  

Board Make-up

The PUAC consists of nine voting members with the Mayor, the Utilities director, and the city attorney serving in ex officio capacity. Each member may serve two consecutive terms of four years. Code requires that at least three members of the PUAC reside outside of City limits but within the Utilities service area. Though not a requirement, every effort is made to identify and appoint individuals from throughout the city for the remaining six seats. 

Powers and Duties

Under City Ordinance Section 2.40.110, the Powers and Duties of the PUAC are as follows: 
A. To annually review the department’s water and sewer system capital improvement program;
B. To review annually the department’s operations and maintenance budget and expenditures;
C. Annually review the water and sewer revenue requirements and recommend to the mayor any rate adjustments they deem necessary;
D. Review and make recommendations on proposed legislation relating to water and sewer;
E. Consult with the mayor relative to water resources and sewage reclamation requirements;
F. The power to determine and establish such rules and regulations for the conduct of the committee as the members shall deem advisable; provided however, that such rules and
    regulations shall not be in conflict with this chapter or any other city, state or federal law;
G. To adopt and alter all rules and regulations which it shall from time to time deem in the public interest and most likely to advance, enhance, foster, and promote the public utility
    systems of the city for the purpose of carrying out the objects of this chapter, but such rules and regulations shall not be in conflict with the terms of this or any other city ordinance,
    state or federal law;
H. Assist the public utilities director in every way possible for the continuing orderly development and operation of the public utilities system of the city in order to best serve the users
I.Hear and decide appeals arising from decisions granting or denying a riparian protection permit (Or. 3-08 § 1, 2008; amended during 1/88 supplement; prior code § 49-10-11).
Additional PUAC authority is found under City Code Sections17.16.792 and 17.81.500. Under these provisions, three members of the PUAC are appointed by City Council to hear appeals related to decisions of the hearing officer (the Director) pertaining to fines imposed during declared water shortages and the PUAC serves as the appeal authority for stormwater charges.