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Happy National Small Business Week June 17-21, 2013-Online and Across the Country

Presidential Proclamation -- National Small Business Week, 2013




     In America, we believe that anyone willing to work hard and take risks can get their good idea off the ground and into the marketplace.  It is a notion that has made our Nation bold and bright, and the best place to do business for generations -- from small-town storefronts to pioneering startups that keep our country on the cutting edge.  This week, we celebrate America's entrepreneurial spirit, and we recommit to helping our small businesses get ahead.

     My Administration has been a proud partner in that important work from day one.  We have cut taxes for small businesses 18 times, broadened their access to capital, and provided billions in loans so they can grow and hire.  We have helped companies break into new markets abroad and export their products all over the world.  Every step of the way, we have focused on making Government work better for business through initiatives like Startup America and BusinessUSA -- groundbreaking programs that connect entrepreneurs to resources that can spur their success.

     Together, we can build on that progress.  At a time when abusive patent litigation is stifling economic growth and putting companies of all sizes at risk, my Administration is taking action to protect innovators and keep our patent system strong.  To create more opportunities for small businesses to compete and win in the global marketplace, we are moving forward on a Trans-Pacific Partnership that will boost our exports

and level the playing field for American workers.  We are implementing the Affordable Care Act so small businesses can make quality, affordable health insurance available to all their employees.  And in the months ahead, we will continue pushing for tax reform that supports small businesses and keeps them at the forefront of our economic recovery.

     America's small businesses reflect the best of who we are as a Nation -- daring and innovative, courageous and hopeful, always working hard and looking ahead for that next great idea. They are our economy's engine and our biggest source of new jobs.  So this week, as entrepreneurs across our country keep striving to turn their dreams into reality, let us keep investing in them and doing everything we can to help our small businesses succeed.

     NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereb proclaim June 16 through June 22, 2013, as National Small Business Week.  I call upon all Americans to recognize the contributions of small businesses to the competitiveness of the American economy with appropriate programs and activities.

     IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this fourteenth day of June, in the year of our Lord two thousand thirteen, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-seventh                            

                                                                                       BARACK OBAMA 





“Local Talks-The Power of Us”

As part of an effort to support the thriving local economy and the community it fosters, Salt Lake City Corporation, Local First Utah, and Vest Pocket Business Coalition have teamed up to sponsor and present an evening of inspiration delivered by key members of the local business community.

“The Local Talks-Power of Us” speaker series will take place at the Salt Lake City Main Library Downtown on May 8th, 2013, from 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM.  Attendees will enjoy a social hour on the roof from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM (weather permitting) and hear from leaders within the community discussing the power of community collaboration from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

Speakers include Kathie Chadbourne from the 3rd Ave Bistro, Lucy Cardenas from Red Iguana, Jason Foster from Atlas Architects Inc. and the Central 9th Business District, and Angela Brown from Slug Magazine and Craft Lake City.

Kathie Chadbourne is the owner and operator at Avenues Bistro on Third, a local  "garden to table" gathering place. Her soulful passions are feeding her neighbors and building her community.   She is also a vivacious leader in the 'Local First' movement, deeply committed to supporting other local businesses, from farmers to producers to service providers.

The proud owner of Red Iguana, Red Iguana 2, & Taste of Red Iguana, Lucy Cardenas has continued with the family restaurant business that her parents Ramon Sr. & the late Maria Cardenas started in 1965.  Born in San Francisco and raised in SLC, Lucy has traveled the world and lived and worked in San Francisco & Pasadena California, and Portland Oregon, where she still has a home.  In 2000, Lucy started traveling to SLC from Portland to help her father manage Red Iguana and has not turned back.  Since buying the business from her father in 2005 the Red Iguana Brand has grown 300%.  Growing up in the Rose Park neighborhood, attending Northwest & West High School, Lucy is passionate about supporting the neighborhood that houses her businesses and home.

Jason Foster is a native of Salt Lake City and has worked in the architectural profession for over 20 years.  With his business partner, Jesse Hulse, they founded the architectural firm Atlas Architects in 2005 and their development entity, Big Tobacco Holding Company in 2007.  As a proud native son of the city, he wants to bring responsible, well considered and socially conscious development back as the standard for revitalizing the place he calls home.

Angela H. Brown has run SLUG (SaltLakeUnderGround) Magazine for over a decade, transforming a small, black-and-white zine into a full-color, electrobrite magazine with a monthly distribution of 30,000.  In 2009, Brown launched the Craft Lake City DIY Festival inspired by Utah’s own rich crafting history and cultural background.  In 2011, Craft Lake City officially became a 501-C3 charitable organization, making Brown now at the helm of both SLUG Magazine and the Executive Director of Craft Lake City.  In 2013 both organizations received “Best of State” awards in their respective categories.

This event will be broadcasted live on KCPW!  Please join us and be inspired!

Admission is free however seating is limited!  For more information, please contact Angie Dunn at 801-535-7273. 

Or, register here today!


Recent Events


The Annual Neighborhood Business Conference

As part of its efforts to support the local economy, Salt Lake City has teamed up with Local First Utah and the Vest Pocket Business Coalition to sponsor and present an annual Neighborhood Business Conference. The conference aims to assist neighborhood business districts with marketing and branding initiatives and to provide resources and support for Salt Lake City’s small businesses.

Past Conferences

The 3rd annual Neighborhood Business Conference, titled "The Local Effect," took place May 10, 2012. Keynote speaker Dan Houston, a national leader in local economics, focused on how dollars spent at local businesses support the area's economy.

In 2011, the 2nd annual Neighborhood Business Conference brought in keynote speakers Steve Bercu and Rebecca Melançon, from Austin, Texas, to detail how Austin became a haven for small business, and how Salt Lake can follow their lead.
Salt Lake City's inaugural Neighborhood Business Conference took place in 2010, bringing Karen Selander from Seattle, WA and Kala Dralle from Tacoma, WA to share insights from there respective Neighborhood Business District Programs.


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